Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai Online

The bloggers in Mumbai were quick to help. Especially when the landlines were swamped and only text messaging could work. Below were the online sources I've looked at since 11/26. Obviously there are privacy concerns when amcits deal with any of the embassies and consulates; but there is a lesson here especially in the face of a mass casualty and how to leverage more effectively new technology.

Mumbai Help Surviving Mumbai – Information for emergencies in the Bombay area

The group blog originally started in July 2005 has now about 40 contributors and provides information from blood banks, oxygen suppliers to Mumbai floods and this week, helping the victims of the terror attacks in the city of 13 million people. If you are trying to find friends or family in Mumbai, you’re asked to leave your contact cell phone and your friends/family’s cell phone in Mumbai. The group will try to SMS them and get back to you.

_____________________ Arun Shanbhag

An American live blogging in Mumbai including twitter updates and Mumbai photos; Follow updates on Twitter And photos at

_____________________ Help Mumbai

A help page for the November 2008 Mumbai attacks with live twitter feeds, contact numbers and info on blood donation


Mumbai Terror Help Online

Blogger Harish Iyer with a virtual helpline to help foreign nationals and others, with up-to-date information. Some info reposted from Mumbai Help


Global Voices Online


Mumbai Attacks

The Wikipedia page for this unfolding event is already up and running, with volunteers presumably updating as events develop.

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The Mayhem in Mumbai: Making sense of India's terrorist attacks By Fareed Zakaria (a Mumbai native)

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