Friday, November 7, 2008

Quickie: Foreign Service 2008 Promotion List

President George W. Bush has nominated members of the Service for promotion by appointment to the class indicated. The promotions result from the findings of the 2008 Foreign Service Selection Boards which met this past summer. The lists were released in October 2008. I am posting the links here because I know some folks have been looking for this. All these documents are available at

Senior Foreign Service (FSO-01 to FE-CM) See List

Mid-Level Foreign Service Officers (FSOs and OMS) (Political, Management, Economic, Consular and Public Diplomacy Officers and OMS) See List

Foreign Service Specialists (FS-04 to FS-01) (Finance, Human Resource, General Service, Construction Engineers, Facilities Maintenance, Information Resource and Health Practitioners) See List

Check out the rest in the AFSA Promotion List page.

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