Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quickie: What The World Needs Now

Secretary Rice contemplates the state of the world during her interviews with NYT's Helene Cooper and Scott Malcomson in late October. The interview turned into a wide-ranging discussion of where this government has taken the United States and what sort of world it will leave for the next president. The editors have culled the highlights of her remarks in the text included in this magazine piece this weekend. They also spoke with other administration foreign-policy makers — Christopher Hill and Daniel Fried of the State Department and Gen. James L. Jones, former supreme allied commander, Europe — whose remarks supplement and illuminate those of Rice. I'm not sure I quite understand those strange accompanying cartoon-like illustrations of Condi and President-elect Obama. Were these supposed to mean something? More here from BAGnewsNotes, a progressive blog that specializes in visual politics and analysis.

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