Saturday, December 20, 2008

Quickie: The Legacy Of Condoleezza Rice

How many of these are we going to see in the next few weeks? CBS News State Department reporter Charles Wolfson has just penned "The Legacy Of Condoleezza Rice" (Charles Wolfson Analyzes The Rhetoric And Reality Behind The Secretary Of State's Tenure):

"As America’s top diplomat Rice recognized changes in the world and instituted reforms inside the Foreign Service, sending more diplomats to posts in India, Pakistan, Brazil, and Nigeria and fewer to cushy jobs in Paris and Rome and Berlin. Rice was able to get enough money from Congress to add more diplomatic personnel (italics mine) and she has her supporters in the career ranks. At his retirement ceremony, outgoing Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs C. David Welch said of Rice: “…you have shown unparalleled respect for the career service, and that will be hard to match. Even in tough moments…you were positive. You have strength and confidence that are inspiring.” Others, however, compare Rice to her predecessor, Colin Powell, and find her lacking when it comes to supporting their professional needs."
Oy! Read the rest here.

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