Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Quickie: Shopping Anyone?

I turned another year older, so I thought - why not open an online shop? It used to be that you run away during a mid-life, make-over or whatever crisis; I guess, now, you just open an internet store. If you want to check out the shop, click here or copy this link in your search bar: http://www.cafepress.com/diplopundit. You're not obligated to buy but if you are looking for gift items or giveaways anyway or just want to help restart the economy, please take a look at these stuff. Your purchase would help support Diplopundit's nasty choco/coffee habit while blogging and writing that evasive break out novel of the year. Of course, if you have no use for these junk, just keep reading ... we won't be offended if you pass up.


Digger said...

I have so much admiration for FS spouses. Much like military spouses, I think of them also in terms of serving the country, but with even less recognition.

That said, I am not sure how I could have handled it, even if I had had all the rights of a married spouse instead of the consolation prize of "member of household." Which is why I ultimately left archaeology to join the service. Because I can take re-inventing myself occassionally (I'd say I've done it three times in my life), but I don't think I am strong enough to do it every three years. I'm just not a fan of cold lakes!

DS said...

Thanks for the comment Digger. I am deeply sympathetic of the "consolation prize" because I realized that it is not a prize nor a consolation. State does change but usually not on its own (usually involves the courts) and even when its forced to do it, it walks the change talk like a turtle.

The spouse and MOH issues will probably not come to the top of the priority list until somebody goes to court for one reason or another or when people start leaving in droves.