Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quote: The Difficult Task of Fighting Terrorists

“Fighting an unconventional war against a terrorist enemy is a difficult task, and the sad truth is that it almost always results in some brutal and illegal acts. This is as true of our country as it is of Sri Lanka. The important thing is that the country's leadership not condone these acts, and that an atmosphere is set from the top that they will not be accepted, and that those who commit them will be held to account.”

Letter to His Excellency Mahinda Rajapakse President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka January 19, 2009

Signed by the following former US Ambassadors to Sri Lanka

Marion Creekmore, 1989-1992 Teresita Schaffer, 1992-1995 Peter Burleigh, 1995-1997 Shaun Donnelly, 1997-2000 Ashley Wills, 2000-2003 Jeffrey Lunstead, 2003-2006

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