Saturday, September 12, 2009

Video of the Week: Linda Eder's If I Had My Way

If I Had My Way by Linda Eder Music by Frank Wildhorn, Lyrics by Jack Murphy Long ago and far away Before the world had come to this I took for granted how my life would be Assuming that my freedom would be free Before this evening shadows fell I reveled in the light of day I rarely ever cried, my patience wasn't tried And heroes never died But if I had my way Things would be different Danger wouldn't come from a sky of blue Choices would be clear Strangers would be kinder Love a little blinder As it saved the day If I had my way Every now and then it seems We live our lives to such extremes Racing all around, never homeward bound Losing what we've found But if I had my way Things would be different No one would believe that a lie was true Choices would be clear Wisdom would be heeded Warnings never needed This is what I pray If I had my way The milk of human kindness Would seek us out and find us And color all the words we say And hearts would come alive Instead of breaking No one would believe That a lie was true Angels would appear Children would be cherished Hope would never perish Faith would not betray If I had my way

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