Sunday, November 1, 2009

Diplopundit’s Blog Index for October 2009

Video of the Week: Did You Know 4.0 In Afghanistan. We are the tourists. Rodearmel v. Clinton: Dismissed U.N. Can’t Account for Millions Sent to Afghan Elec... US Visas for $12,000 in Ukraine? Call in the Civilians. Pray Tell, From Where?! BlogNotes: Diplopundit on Twitter Matthew Hoh in His Own Words USAID/Egypt: $181 Million Later, Impact Unnoticeable US Embassy Islamabad Suspends Consular Services The State Dept on Matthew Hoh PRT Officer Matthew Hoh Resigns Over Afghan War Jack Lew on Civilian Staffing in Afghanistan Web 2.0 Roundup: US Embassy Manila Quickie: One Nation Under Contract James Hogan: Missing Now for 31 Days Officially In: Philip S. Goldberg to INR Officially In: Betty E. King to US Mission Geneva Quickie: On State/USAID - There Will Be No Merger Rodearmel v. Clinton: Linguistics PhDs Wade In Idle Curiosity, Once More – Bow! Sunday Tanka: At Embassy Port of Spain Video of the Week: Androids, Not Sci-Fi Anymore Web 2.0 Roundup: US Embassy Jakarta Wows! Truth or Consequence: Linked Assignments PD Rapid Response Team to Pakistan? Insider Quote: A 24/7 Responsibility Who's Storming Which Office to Sink Al Franken’s ... All the Things We Are – Are Not Learnable The Greatest Possibility of Success Arrest in Kickback/Bribe Scheme on Iraq Reconst... Web 2.0 Roundup: US Embassy London QDDR: Transforming State/USAID for the 21st Century The Diplomatic Wives: Tribute and Thanks John Kerry: Man of the Hour in Afghanistan Who Will Sink Al Franken's S. Amdt. 2588? Quote: Cocktail parties are death … From Valedictory Despatches to Twitter? “Don’t want to send them home dirty.” Quickie: They no respect the contract? It Happens: Divorce and the Foreign Service Quickie: Could UBL be on Twitter? Video of the Week: Elizabeth Gilbert on Nurturing ... Did You See That ACS Job in Kabul? Officially In: Anne Slaughter Andrew to San Jose Indictment on Kickback Scheme in Afghanistan Insider Quote: And Thou Shall be Cautious The Ambassadors: Presenting Their Credentials QDDR: Are You Putting Lipstick on a Very Old Pig? US Embassy Barbados: Paradise Inspected Peter Bergen’s Ultimate AfPak Reading List Quickie: Where Caution is King Rocking the Boat is a Dangerous Thing, No? US Diplomat James Hogan: 19 Days Missing Quickie: Survivor Kabul, Episode #699 Dissent Channel: USAID/Pakistan Program Officially In: Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis to ... Officially In: Peter A. Prahar to Kolonia Horn v. Huddle: Settlement Reached? Video of the Week: Alain de Botton on Success Huh? News: Sudan Strategery Barack Hussein Obama: Nobel Peace Prize 2009 The Promotion Season Needs a Poem ... Insider Quote: Holbrooke’s Democratic Centralism Officially In: David D. Nelson to Montevideo Officially In: David Huebner to Wellington Quickie: The Bronze Star, not an ‘atta boy’ medal Insider Quote: All FSOs in the world ... The UN’s Best and Worst Places to Live SFRC Hearings: Nominees for European Posts The Hunt for Madam le Consul US Embassy Conakry on Ordered Departure It's That Time of Year Insider Quote: Ranks and Pastry Forks Diplomat Thrown Under the Bus Refuses to Stay Under... We’re Building the Juba-Nimule Road in Sudan ... Snapshot: Top 10 State Dept Contractors (FY2009) Officially In: James B. Warlick, Jr. to Sofia Disasters in SE Asia & South Pacific - How to Help... DNA Match in James Hogan Search Video of the Week: Parag Khanna maps the future... Quickie: Too Old for Foreign Service Work? New Embassy Contracts Awarded US Navy Joins Hogan Search in Curacao Insider Quote: Competitive Nature in Diplomatic ... Diplomat Thrown Under the Bus in Afghan Election ... Officially In: John F. Tefft to Kyiv Diplopundit’s Blog Index for September 2009

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