Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Insider Quote: So who am I?

I'm 26 and about to join the Foreign Service as a political cone officer.

    I've been working at the State Department as a "diplomatic strategy officer" (albeit as a contractor). One hopes that this will be useful for my new career.

      Prior to that, my last real job was serving frozen yogurt at a Golden Spoon. I have no idea how I ended up where I am now.

        That should do it for now.

        from The FS Rookie
        A New Beginning 
        “I'm 26 and a junior officer in the United States' Foreign Service”


        hannah said...

        Hey, my job before State was Starbucks. So much for BEX screening... although I will argue until no one listens anymore that working as a barista was the best preparation for NIV interviews I ever could have had!

        dvejr said...

        Years ago I saw a telegram from State to the field that quoted from the interview notes in the background investigation of a prospective unnamed FSO. The candidate's former employer, manager of a fried chicken outlet, said something to the effect that the candidate had been an indifferent employee - but would probably do well in government service, which was less demanding than being a counter clerk at the chicken shack.
        Doug (FSO 1974-2001)

        Anonymous said...

        Hannah - the comment was striking to me, not because I look down on that prior job, but because it was surprisingly authentic. While others, I'm sure you've encountered your share -- are only too happy to let you know all the great things they have done prior to entering the service, here is one who has no problem saying, I worked there. It occurred to me that the Rookie would most probably make an excellent first tour officer in any consular section, given the service orientation background he came from. BTW, just saw his explanation on the A-100 encounter you posted in another blog post comments; makes me very sad.