Friday, February 26, 2010

US ConGen Matamoros Closes Reynosa Consular Agency due to Gun Battles

The US Consulate General in Matamoros has issued a Warden Message on February 24, 2010:

This Warden Message is being issued to advise U.S. citizens of recent gun battles in Reynosa, Mexico, and cities surrounding Reynosa in the last week.  Several gunfights are believed to have involved narcotics trafficking organizations. The U.S. Consulate General in Matamoros has restricted the travel of American officials to Reynosa until further notice.  The Consulate General also has temporarily closed the Reynosa Consular Agency until further notice.  The Consulate General in Matamoros advises U.S. citizens to take the above information into consideration when making any decisions concerning traveling to or within Reynosa.  The Consulate General also advises U.S. citizens to stay current with media coverage of local events.

Read the whole thing here. 

The Consulate General in Monterrey has also issued a Warden Message urging Americans to avoid travel not only to Reynosa but also to Nuevo Laredo.

Due to several gun battles in Reynosa and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, in recent days, the U.S. Consulate General in Monterrey urges all U.S. citizens to avoid travel to those cities.

There were reports of ongoing gun battles in Nuevo Laredo starting at International Bridge #2 on the evening of February 19, and later moving into other parts of the City of Nuevo Laredo.  Throughout February 22 through 23, there have been gunfights or rumors of gunfights in various parts of the City of Nuevo Laredo.  There have also been confirmed gunfights in the city of Reynosa.  Gunfights in Nuevo Laredo are believed to have involved the Mexican Army and narcotics trafficking organizations. 

Read the whole thing here.

Read the updated State Department Travel Alert on Mexico Security here.

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