Friday, March 19, 2010

US Embassy Jakarta’s Facebook Fans Now 100,000+

In the preceding days/weeks prior to President Obama’s planned visit to Asia, the US Embassy Jakarta’s Facebook page raced towards the 50K fan mark, then the 100K mark.  As of 4 am EST today, its fan base currently sits at 113,679. Considering that the State Department’s main Facebook page continues to hover around 30,000 fans, US Embassy Jakarta’s active online recruitment is quite impressive.   

The presidential visit to Asia has now been postponed until June. Below is an excerpt of the statement:
[T]he President telephoned the leaders of Indonesia and Australia and told them that he must postpone his planned visits there for a later date so he can remain in Washington for this critical vote. The President expects to visit Indonesia in June.

The President greatly regrets the delay.  Our international alliances are critical to America’s security and economic progress.  But passage of health insurance reform is of paramount importance, and the President is determined to see this battle through.

To show US Embassy Jakarta’s very nimble online operation – just shortly after the President gave an interview in Washington DC on March 18, 2010 to RCTI reporter, Putra Nababan about the postponement of his trip, the video of that interview was up in US Embassy Jakarta’s Facebook page.  Click here for President Obama discussing the rescheduling of his Indonesia Trip to June 2010.

How many more fans do you think US Embassy Jakarta can recruit in the next 8-10 weeks on Facebook?  500K? A million?  Take a guess.


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Thanks, Kolbi - we appreciate the mention!