Friday, August 13, 2010

Vice Consul James Hogan: Still Missing

In November 2009, I noted that nothing in US Consulate General Curacao’s website indicated that one of its three officers had gone missing or that there was a search going on for FSO, James E. Hogan.  I don’t know how long this has been up but its “Key Consulate Links” now include ”Search for James Hogan” (pdf republished below):

I don't have any update on this case except that I recently saw an old post by his wife, Abby in the following blog, :
Abby Hogan: 
If anyone has stories about my husband, my love of 24 years, I would love to hear them. This note was not passed along to us. I found this blog by chance. Old pix, stories, anything would be welcome, since I didn’t meet him until he was a LT and I was an ENS at HSL33. Jim is a great man, a devout Catholic, a devoted husband and father. I’ve never known another man like him.
Read more here.

The one year anniversary since he was reported missing is coming up.

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Lee said...

Jim was a great guy and terrific A100 classmate. I have no idea what happened with him or what the status of the investigation is. Thanks for continuing to monitor.