Tuesday, November 9, 2010

US Mission Pakistan: Our diplomats in action ... do they even sleep?

The new ambassador to Pakistan, Ambassador Munter has been quite visible since his recent arrival in Islamabad with his wife, Marilyn Wyatt. It was noted elsewhere in local Pakistani news, that this is the first time that at a US envoy has brought his wife to post in ten years.  Three days after arrival in country, Ambassador Munter and his wife  participated in flood relief efforts conducted by Pakistan and U.S. military and helped distribute flood relief supplies at a World Food Program distribution point at Hassan Khan Jamali, Sindh Province, Pakistan. This is the ambassador's first trip to flood-affected areas of Sindh since arriving in Pakistan Oct. 27.  We have seen several photos of the new ambassador posted both at the embassy website and its Facebook page, most recently visiting Lahore; we can't tell as yet if this is the new normal from the embassy's press shop.  But take a look ...

Ambassador Cameron Munter offloads a 40 kilogram bag of flood relief supplies
from a U.S. military helicopter in Hassan Khan Jamali,
Jacobabad district, Sindh province, Pakistan, October 30.
Photo from US Embassy Islamabad
The ambassador is not the first diplomat we've seen lugging 40 kg bags, of course.  Ambassador Munter's CG in Karachi, who hit the ground running when the superflood unfolded this past summer has been known to do some cargo offloading himself.  Take a look ....

Photo from US Consulate General Karachi/Facebook

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