Sunday, October 26, 2008

Brief as Photos - 12: Gorgeous Princess Goin' Fishing

I usually go fishing early morning because that’s when the fish are awake in the other side of the world. I’d logged into my computer and check my messages in the dating website. BTW, when you go fishing, you do need bait. So last week, I posted mine. Looks great, huh?

I scroll down my messages; I have several but started reading through the multiple messages from American Joe of Ohio. This one sounds needy and ready.

American Joe: I’ve missed you, please talk to me.

Gorgeous Princess: Hello my prince and only comforter, how are you today my love?

American Joe: I tried calling your cell yesterday but no one was answering.

Gorgeous Princess: Sorry, dearest, something bad happened yesterday. Mr. Khafayat who was helping me with my papers was in an accident. i had to see him at the hospital. but don’t worry. he made contacts with them at the embassy but was reassured that i would be paid back$1050 when i get to the usa after they verify with you that i came for a visit and not to work. American Joe: Whew! That’s good to know.

Gorgeous Princess: I know there is nothing too hard for our God to do

American Joe: Yeah! Hope he gets well soon. Anyway, I'm wondering - have you ever rode in a big truck around America?

Gorgeous Princess: No

American Joe: You wanna?

Gorgeous Princess: If you want me.

American Joe: Ok cool! Then we can do all sorts of things then!! If you have an open mind it can be a ton of fun on the road!

Gorgeous Princess: Like what?

American Joe: You’ll get to see things that you’ve never seen before. It’s like having a tour of the United States. And I’ll be your personal tour guide!

Gorgeous Princess: Ok, but I think you should have let me come and see your lovely face before ending of this month. Why March?

American Joe: I have to get settled in Nashville first so I have a place for you to come to.

Gorgeous Princess: See, when I love you I love you for real.

American Joe: Plus that’s when I know I’ll have the money to pay for your ticket over here.

Gorgeous Princess: i will be sleeping in where you sleep….

American Joe: You’re so sweet!

Gorgeous Princess: And if you don’t mind we will go to Ohio to my dad’s house.

American Joe: We could do that.

Gorgeous Princess: Thanks. So if you wish I come, send the money trough Western Union so I will pay for the ticket.

American Joe: Can’t I pay for the ticket form over here?

Gorgeous Princess: Yes, I do agree and that could have been the best, but government says it does not improve their economy system so they have banned any imported ticked buying in other countries.

American Joe: F**k those f**kers! Ok, I’ll find out how much that’ll cost me.

Gorgeous Princess: Can you imagine this Nigeria? that’s is why I hate them. the ticket is $1200. you will send it trough Western Union. then I will go and collect and pay the ticket.

American Joe: I’m sending the $1200 to a bank?

Gorgeous Princess: Yes. let me ask you a question. because I need true love. if you know that you really love me and you want to marry me then send the money. i will come and see you, but if you don’t love me and you never want to marry me please, i don’t want to see your money and don’t send any. Please, I need true love.

American Joe: I printed your pictures off of the dating site and I look at them every day. I hope you don’t mind.

Gorgeous Princess: Let me tell you, if you will see me from morning 'til night when I come you will. and if you will talk for hundreds hours I will with you, Honey. I love you because I have a strong believe that you are a trustworthy man and man that will be a father of my children.

American Joe: The men are going to see this drop dead gorgeous blonde haired, blue eyed girl walking through the airport and they are going to just fall out at the sight of you!!

Gorgeous Princess: And nothing they could do because I belong to you honey.

American Joe: I can’t believe my luck!! Is these pictures really you?? My God I would be the happiest man walking!!!!!!

Gorgeous Princess: I LOVE YOU honey and I will always love you since you continue treating me well

American Joe: Is the girl in these pictures really you?! I just can’t get over your beauty!!!! I can’t believe my luck!!!!!!!

Gorgeous Princess: That’s really me. would you send the money this week so I may buy ticket

American Joe: Aww babe, I don’t have the money yet. I will send it in two weeks. Don’t you worry your pretty lil head, hun.

Well, ok, he was not quite ready as I thought he'd be, so we said a sweet, sticky goodbye … Damn! Two weeks! More massaging work needed, I guess. Maybe more eye candy would also help, I thought as I looked through my photo files. I did an auto search for something demure but sexy. While waiting, I poured more coffee. I know I'd be there for a while. I scrolled down on the rest of my messages. Charlie, the electrician from West Virginia had just sent two messages in the last hour. I opened his first message and started typing:

Gorgeous Princess: hello my prince and only comforter, how are you today my love?

* * *

NOTE: According to the State Department, its Consular Affairs Bureau receives daily calls about international scams involving Internet Dating, Inheritance, Work Permits, Overpayment, and Money-Laundering. Many scams are initiated through the Internet; victims range in age from 18 to 81 and come from all socio-economic backgrounds. Read more here. Part of the story above was excerpted and tweaked from here (PDF file).

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