Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Google Vote - 28 Days to Election Day

Google has rolled out a nice mapplet that hopefully will help rock the vote this year. Google Vote currently at http://maps.google.com/vote, will provide voting location, registration information and more. All voting location information won't be available for another week (mid-October) but the site is already useful for checking out days left to register by mail (not a lot left, hurry!), in-person registration deadline, information about voting by state, and the state voter's hotline or contact person.

Some bloggers have speculated that this project started out as a Google 20% project but has now become fully supported (although this is still not on display in Google Labs). Once voting information are fully loaded, voters should be able to generate driving maps to their voting places. Until then, please check with your state and local election officials to verify your voting location.

Roll the Google Vote video below:

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