Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Confirmed: These 12 Ambassadors Are Going to Posts

Flag of a US AmbassadorUS Ambassador Flag: Image via Wikipedia

On August 4th, the Senate confirmed the following Executive Nominations for ambassadors to various countries in Africa, South Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa and Europe. The link to the Congressional Record will be added once it is posted online.

Career Appointees:

Patricia Butenis, Ambassador to Sri Lanka Charles Ray, Ambassador to Zimbabwe Gayleatha Brown, Ambassador to Burkina Faso Pamela Slutz, Ambassador to Burundi Patricia Moller, Ambassador to Guinea Jerry Lanier, Ambassador to Uganda

Non-Career Appointees:

Alfonso Lenhardt, Ambassador to Tanzania Samuel Kaplan, Ambassador to Morocco James Smith, Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Miguel Diaz, Ambassador to the Holy See Fay Hartog-Levin, Ambassador to the Netherlands Stephen Rapp, Ambassador at Large for War Crimes

CONFIRMATIONS -- (Senate - August 04, 2009) [Page: S8783] GPO's PDF

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