Thursday, August 27, 2009

Insider Quote: Running of the Goats ... in Kabul

afghanistanImage by via Flickr

"A buddy of my mine was leaving post, and we thought we would give him a fond farewell by procuring four goats and chasing them down the sidewalk in an reenactment of Pomplona's running of the bulls. These four goats were decorated in traditional Afghan jingle truck fashion. Before we could set up the alley for the run, the Mission's security officers (I mean all of was a slow day security-wise) shut us down and forced us to remove the goats from the compound. We told security that we thought the goats were ok because the Gurkas were laughing when we brought them through gate. Furthermore, we took all the necessary security precautions by putting them through the metal detectors. Regardless, security did not want them on the our boss was somewhat pissed, and while hiding his chuckle told us to remove the goats. I am sure these are words he thought he would never utter. Once the goats were gone we drank until they us, at least."

Nick in Kabul Running of the … goats From FS Blog: Nick and Liz Go Global

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