Thursday, November 10, 2011

You’ve been in Afghanistan too long without R&R when ....

US National Guard Photo by Sgt Russell Lee Klika
A Ttwenty-something development worker in Afghanistan writes about when you know you’ve been in Afghanistan too long without R&R.


--- you start using Afghan insults against other expats.
---you know the pricing scale for contract killings in your city.
---you don’t scream when you find a toenail in your bread, you just pick it out.
---you find it kind of gross but not at all weird when the hotel reception clerk is staring at full-screen photos of dismembered corpses on his computer when you check in.
---you know how to walk in a burqa like an Afghan woman.
---you have a list of people you’d love to send phony Taliban night letters, and that list is four whole pages long. Single-spaced.

Check out her full list here.

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