Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A New Embassy for the Future. In London. For $1 Billion

The architecture firm founded in Philadelphia in 1984, KieranTimberlake has been selected to design the new embassy building in London.   TSB over at The Skeptical Bureaucrat has a piece about the future digs: Design Concept Selected for New U.S. Embassy LondonBelow is an excerpt from the official statement:

“KieranTimberlake’s design met the goal of creating a modern, welcoming, timeless, safe and energy efficient embassy for the 21st century. Their concept most fully satisfied the requirements outlined in the design competition’s mission statement. The concept holds the greatest potential for developing a truly iconic embassy and is on the leading edge of sustainable design. KieranTimberlake is an architectural firm known for its commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility.”

The anticipated ground breaking on this embassy will be in 2013 with a goal to complete the construction in 2017.

© KieranTimberlake/studio amd

Adam Namm, acting director of the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations, was quoted in the press estimating the cost of the new embassy at about $1 billion _ "in the ballpark of the most expensive embassies we have built."

Wouldn’t this be the most expensive?  We are updating our list of the top most expensive US embassies in the world:

#1 US Embassy London – Estimated at $1Billion (2013-2017)
#2 US Embassy Islamabad – Estimated at $670-830 million (pre-solicitation out)
#3 US Embassy Baghdad – $736 million
#4 US Embassy Kabul – approximately $590 million (and counting)
#5 US Embassy Beijing - $434 million (thank you TSB!)

Somebody please tell me which embassy occupies the 5th place or I won’t get any sleep over this. Moscow?  Nah, the one built in the 80’s was for $190 million (plus reportedly $20-$40 million to get rid of bugs, er security flaws). But -- if they build a new one there, it might rival London in cost since Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world.  Tokyo would also definitely be an expensive design-build project because it is not just one but THE most expensive city; just don't know if a NEC is in its near future. The 5th place.... help meeeeee!       

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skobb said...

I know it isn't number five, but I believe the NEC in Kyiv was estimated to be in the $230 million range. Just to give you an example of how expensive these things have gotten. Of course, Kyiv suffers from many of the same cost issues as Moscow.

diplopundit said...

Thanks skobb! They are all getting expensive but also more expensive to run. I thought #5 might be the US Embassy in Berlin (2004-2008) but it turns out that one only cost about $130-180 million, and cheaper than Kyiv.

TSB said...

I'm pretty sure NEC Beijing is #5 at $434 million ( Or should I say "in the ballpark" of #5?

A Daring Adventure said...

I know that I cannot help you, for I know nothing of such important (yet complicated) things, but I did want to say that you had me laughing out loud with your hilariously-represented desperation!

"Somebody please tell me... or I won't get any sleep over this... The 5th place... help meeeeeee!"

That was so funny!

Hope you got sleep!

diplopundit said...

Thank you TSB for helping this obsessive batgirl! Now I can get some sleep, I think! I'll put NEC Beijing in the ballpark of #5 :-).

diplopundit said...

A Daring Adventure - I was elsewhere described as "edgy" -- nobody ever put funny and me together before - so thank you!

Thankfully, TSB came through as my savior; I'll sleep well tonight I, except that the top list should be 10 not just 5, right? Hmmnn...maybe I should paint my nails, that would be a good distraction...